Dog Heart Murmur Cures You Will Want to Know About

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What is a canine heart murmur? This is a cardiac disorder which relates to abnormal activity in the dog's blood flow. You can actually hear it when you listen to its heartbeat. Instead of a short and rapid beating, it will sound like prolonged and soft thuds. Dog heart murmur symptoms include a general weakening, sluggishness, breathing problems, a bluish mouth and tongue, and in some cases fainting.

When you see your dog exhibiting the signs of heart murmurs, visit your veterinarian right away. They need to take more thorough diagnostic tests like x-rays and echodiagrams to confirm the heart condition of the animal so there will be no danger in prescribing incorrect and potentially lethal medication.

Heart murmurs can be caused by congenital heart defects, anemia, high blood pressure and other related cardiac problems. The murmurs fade through the years so special cardiac treatment are more often than not, overlooked by unsuspecting pet owners. Now we know better, we are better equipped to handle this condition effectively. Here are some dog heart murmur cures you can share with somebody who needs to know.

Medication and therapy of this ailment is usually dependent on the animal's age and current state of health. Take your pet for a check-up to see the precise nature of the disorder. If the murmur is benign, all you may need to do is to build up an appropriate nutritional plan that will counteract the deficiencies in his system. A low sodium diet, rich in nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and Coenzyme Q10 have done wonders in improving canine's cardiovascular health as evidenced by recent tests and survey results done by experts.

Medications like Enalapril, Lasix or Benazepril function to lower blood pressure levels and strengthen cardiovascular contractions as needed. Crateagus oxycantha or, as it is more commonly known, Hawthorne is a special herbal tonic that promote the artery health of the dog. Arnica montana, Kalium phosphate, and Calcium fluoride also aid in the improvement of the animal's blood pressure. Make sure you consult your veterinarian for his advice on these elements in relation to your dog's condition first.

Other than that, simple dog heart murmur cures include using prescribed diuretics to inhibit fluids from building up in the canine's vital organs (like the heart and lungs. However, if your pet has been diagnosed with a more critical condition, surgery may be the only way to repair its cardiovascular disorder as advised by your vet. Usually, surgical procedures are done for the older animals who have acquired damaged heart valves.

Do not take animal cardiovascular disorders lightly or something that might go away eventually. If left untreated, it's highly possible that your pet will ultimately develop and expire of a heart failure. Do what you can to avoid this at all costs. Have regular check-ups and while they are still young, already feed them with good food and give them proper exercise. A happy dog will leave you with no regrets and a trove full of pleasant memories that will always stay with you.

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Dog Heart Murmur Cures You Will Want to Know About

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