Heart Surgery is Serious

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Heart surgery is becoming more and more common nowadays. With the rates of obesity on the rise, rates of bypass surgeries are also rising. These two conditions seem to go hand in hand. The unhealthy foods that you eat that cause you to become obese and are most likely the cause for your need for heart surgery. Even though heart surgery is becoming more common and thereby less risky, heart surgery is nothing to simply brush off. A very strict cardiac rehabilitation program after the surgery is often required.

Open heart surgery is when the chest cavity is opened and surgery is performed on the heart itself. Only the chest is opened however, not the heart. In some special cases the heart may be opened during the surgery as well. Besides heart bypass surgery, another surgery that requires the opening of the chest cavity is a heart transplant. This is exactly what it sounds like. The chest cavity is opened up and the heart removed to make room for a new, healthy heart. If you feel that you might be at risk for one of these procedures, now is the time to act. By simply eating heart healthy foods and starting an exercise regimen now, you can most likely avoid these invasive surgeries in the future. Your heart is your most important muscle; it is time to treat it as such.

If you need cardiothoracic surgery, this means that you require a procedure that addresses both the heart and the lungs. These surgeries generally treat any diseases that fall within the chest cavity. Heart disease and lung disease are the two main conditions that cardiothoracic surgery addresses. Cardiothoracic surgery can be divided into two different groups: thoracic surgery and cardio surgery. Most people are generally familiar with cardio surgery. Thoracic surgery addresses diseases in the chest cavity that don't deal with the heart. This would typically consist of treatment of the lungs, chest wall and diaphragm.

If having open heart surgery for any reason is potentially in your future, make sure that you act now. By taking care of yourself you will probably avoid any type of heart surgery altogether. Beginning a cardiac rehab program on your own is probably not a bad idea. This program will get you and your heart back to where they need to be: healthy.

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If you are looking for more information on a cardiac rehabilitation program in your area, visit Riverside Medical Center today for answers to all of your questions. While you won't be able to change overnight, a cardiac rehab program is a good idea for anyone who is overweight. Beginning one of these programs will probably save you from having to have any type of cardiothoracic surgery. Riverside Medical Center is a great place for you to start educating yourself with regard to heart surgery.

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Heart Surgery is Serious

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This article was published on 2010/03/30