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Now let us know something about the Heart that is the only organ of our body to make us aware all the time that we are breathing on this beautiful planet. It tries to tell that we are alive .The heart rate of a sports man is much less, ranging from 40-55. You would wonder to know that the heart rate of Emil Jatopec was only 25. It seems to us wonderful and unbelievable. Actually it proves that the heart that does not beats faster, beats in a rhythmic way is the Healthy Heart. It does not excite in a little exertion, never loses its balance in an easier provocation.

Not only the body the heart pays heed to the mind too, then it expresses itself. When it is agitated, angry, tired, goes uphill, while one suffers from anemia, severe blood loss, when the body temperature goes up, when the percentage of Carbon-Di-Oxide in the blood increases when the heart is shocked all on a sudden it goes slow and may stop for ever without any prior intimation.

Now we have to know something about some ailments related to Heart. No never get panicky, it is my endeavor to give you information so that you can't be disappointed to find the Way to Happiness.If you have an idea you may be warned beforehand and take necessary steps to Target-happiness. First of all I want to make you know something about Atherosclerosis. When fat, cholesterol and other fat like materials get stuck to the wall of the artery these materials damage the walls of the arteries. As a result the elasticity of the arteries diminishes, the blood circulation is affected and fails to reach the heart muscles. As a result there is severe pain in the chest.

If you really want to find the Way to Happiness avoiding such a deadly disease you must give up smoking, check the blood pressure regularly, if the BP is high consult a doctor, be cautious not to be obese, avoid saturated fat in the food items, if you find cholesterol take medicines and always consult a doctor to dodge the bad disease named Atherosclerosis.


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Know Thy Heart

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This article was published on 2010/10/10