Win His Heart - How to Make Him Fall in Love - 2 Secrets

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The question of how to win his heart and make him fall in love has bewitched women throughout time. Just when you start to feel comfortable in a relationship, off he goes in pursuit of greener pastures, leaving you wondering what happened to cause the change in him.

You might be looking in the wrong place for the answer. Maybe the answer lies within yourself. Did he know the real you or a person that you projected for awhile to win his heart. Perhaps you knew or sensed what he wanted in a woman and became that woman - for a while. But if what you showed him at the beginning of the relationship wasn't the real you, the relationship was doomed from the start.

To win his heart and make him fall in love is one thing, but to keep the heart and love that you have won is quite another thing. If you are not truthful to start with, the deception will soon be found out. There are ways to win his heart and make him love you without any role playing that in the end will spell disaster for your love relationship.

Let him see the real you

Don't try to be something that you are not just to please him. What he sees is what he gets. If that's not good enough for him, then so be it. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't always be trying to improve yourself. Always strive to be a better person. But always show your independence. Don't be afraid to state your opinion. You are a good person, good enough for anyone, so let it show through.

Have common interest

Take a keen interest in his hopes and dreams and share yours with him. If they are the same he will want to be with you and share his triumphs and his bad times. This allows you to share yours with him. By having things in common you will never lack for communication. This is what creates an indestructible bond between couples. The ability to communicate.

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These are but 2 secrets and there are a total of 12 secrets in all. Each secret will give you more ways to win his heart and make him fall in love. These are tried and tested secrets that have enabled countless women to find and keep true love.

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Win His Heart - How to Make Him Fall in Love - 2 Secrets

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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